What is Gout

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16 thoughts on “What is Gout

  1. Josh i hope you never feel like nobody takes advantage of your wisdom
    because i follow all of your videos and study hard after each one. you’ve
    changed my life and the lives of everyone around me!

  2. @joshrubineastwest Sean recently brought out the dry erase board 😀 I
    really like this format it makes me feel like I am in a class! ^_^ Learning
    is power!

  3. @DrowSkinned OH! I don’t follow him or actually anyone else on youtube,
    facebook , etc. Not sure i am gonna use this format, but just trying to mix
    it up.

  4. men should stay away from iron supplements altogether! it can be toxic. but
    for women before menopause has set in it is okay (because of the monthly
    loss of blood).

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  6. [email protected] for info on “Mr Verns Exanthum Oil” , a homeopathic
    TOPICAL that eradicates gout pain in 24 hours. Stop wasting money on costly
    pharmaceuticals that offer questionable results and a laundry list of
    contraindications !

  7. Robert OConnor, gout is a form of arthritis.

    Watch the video again – and listen. You’re so angry – what makes you think
    that people choose to have gout or any form of pain? I didn’t know that
    pigs get arthritis – but I suppose it’s possible, just as finding out that
    sharks DO get cancer.

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