NATURAL GOUT REMEDIES VIDEO – Stop gout pain and symptoms now! All natural remedy and treatment. Looking for natural gout remedies videos on the web? Stop gout symptoms and pain now with a natural gout remedy treatment. Don’t was…

Beating Gout: A Sufferer’s Guide to Living Pain Free

Beating Gout is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book designed for the gout sufferer. Recent research has shown that up to 78% of doctors do not treat gout properly. Historically, physicians have seen gout as a benign disease, but new research has shown that gout and its underlying cause, hyperuricemia, may cause heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, stroke and other deadly diseases. Beating Gout discusses all of these conditions and what you can do to stop gout attacks forever.

Beating Gout sets the record straight on the best and most effective ways to treat gout attacks and manage gout s underlying condition, hyperuricemia. This book covers all aspects of the disease from its progression, diagnosis, treatment, to the latest research on diet and lifestyle choices that affect gout. Over three hundred research articles and texts were reviewed for this book. No other source has more practical, scientifically backed information that gout sufferers can start using immediately to reduce or stop attacks while living a healthier and pain free life.

What you will learn:

– Learn the latest gout management techniques that can stop gout attacks forever
– Learn how to stop a gout attack in its tracks
– Learn the truth about how diet and lifestyle choices effect gout
– Completely based on the latest scientific research, not anecdotes or “secret cures”
– Clear and easy to understand
– Focuses on practical advice that you can use immediately to improve your gout and your health

“Beating Gout” provides an insider’s view to gout, which is a common and painful disease. Victor Konshin provides an excellent and clinically useful handbook on how to recognize and manage this condition that should be useful for both the patient and physician.” –Richard J, Johnson, M.D., FACP – Board member of the Gout & Uric Acid Education Society

“Fifty years ago, early in the modern era of Rheumatology diagnosing, treating and managing gouty arthritis was the one form that was the most interesting and exciting. Rheumatology knew the cause, could accurately diagnose gout and had definitive drugs to manage and treat it. Since then it has been lacking new ideas, thoughts and drugs, and good management has waned. Beating Gout sets the record straight on the best way to diagnose, treat and manage gout.” – Ralph Argen, MD, FACP, FACR

“Gout is largely mismanaged by physicians. Current guidelines have provided a gold standard to improve the quality of gout care. Beating Gout will help the suffers to understand the disease and to be involved in their treatment.” – Weiya Zhang, MD, European League Against Rheumatism

7 thoughts on “NATURAL GOUT REMEDIES VIDEO – Stop gout pain and symptoms now! All natural remedy and treatment.

  1. Hi good video I’m fed up the only difference is I will start cutting of feet. To relieve pain from this fucked up curse. Crippling curse death is better than putting up with the menstrual gout cycle.

  2. So do I have to take these supplements on your website that you recommend. Every day to stop this horrible beast in its tracks? I’m so over it loved your video

  3. It’s more than just food and supplements – it’s all about how you keep your “inner environment” in a more balanced, healthy alkaline state – which is the opposite of what’s going on inside your body if you’re still getting gout. Click the link, check it out, contact me if you want and we can kill this beast!

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  5. Last real gout attack was June 5, 2009 – since then I’ve had a few times that I felt “gouty” but didn’t wait to find out – I SQUASHED it with my Kill Gout FORMULA. Thx.

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