How To Neutralize The Uric Acid That Causes Gout? (Part 1) Find out how is gout comes about and how to cure it by reversing the uric acid accumulations process. 100% Effective!

Beating Gout: A Sufferer’s Guide to Living Pain Free

Beating Gout is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book designed for the gout sufferer. Recent research has shown that up to 78% of doctors do not treat gout properly. Historically, physicians have seen gout as a benign disease, but new research has shown that gout and its underlying cause, hyperuricemia, may cause heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, stroke and other deadly diseases. Beating Gout discusses all of these conditions and what you can do to stop gout attacks forever.

Beating Gout sets the record straight on the best and most effective ways to treat gout attacks and manage gout s underlying condition, hyperuricemia. This book covers all aspects of the disease from its progression, diagnosis, treatment, to the latest research on diet and lifestyle choices that affect gout. Over three hundred research articles and texts were reviewed for this book. No other source has more practical, scientifically backed information that gout sufferers can start using immediately to reduce or stop attacks while living a healthier and pain free life.

What you will learn:

– Learn the latest gout management techniques that can stop gout attacks forever
– Learn how to stop a gout attack in its tracks
– Learn the truth about how diet and lifestyle choices effect gout
– Completely based on the latest scientific research, not anecdotes or “secret cures”
– Clear and easy to understand
– Focuses on practical advice that you can use immediately to improve your gout and your health

“Beating Gout” provides an insider’s view to gout, which is a common and painful disease. Victor Konshin provides an excellent and clinically useful handbook on how to recognize and manage this condition that should be useful for both the patient and physician.” –Richard J, Johnson, M.D., FACP – Board member of the Gout & Uric Acid Education Society

“Fifty years ago, early in the modern era of Rheumatology diagnosing, treating and managing gouty arthritis was the one form that was the most interesting and exciting. Rheumatology knew the cause, could accurately diagnose gout and had definitive drugs to manage and treat it. Since then it has been lacking new ideas, thoughts and drugs, and good management has waned. Beating Gout sets the record straight on the best way to diagnose, treat and manage gout.” – Ralph Argen, MD, FACP, FACR

“Gout is largely mismanaged by physicians. Current guidelines have provided a gold standard to improve the quality of gout care. Beating Gout will help the suffers to understand the disease and to be involved in their treatment.” – Weiya Zhang, MD, European League Against Rheumatism

25 thoughts on “How To Neutralize The Uric Acid That Causes Gout? (Part 1)

  1. Wow that was really stupid. Drink water mixed with sodium bicarbonate for what? So I can neutralize my stomach acid so my digestion is less efficient ? Additionally since it reacts with the stomach acid turning to salt and water, chemistry anybody? It’s now just plain old water and salt into your bloodstream and bladder.  Your urine’s pH is always slightly acidic but your gibberish is just nonsense since water dilutes acids.

  2. Ignore the twit. He thinks dumping baking soda into his stomach acids will somehow magically cure him. All it will do is weaken your stomach acid and maybe dilute your urine a bit and make it more salty. Weakening your stomach acid is a gateway for pathogens to have fun in town.

  3. You’re a moron. Yes of course urine is going to be more acidic than other aspects of your body because toxins are acidic and the urine disposes of toxins or acid if if you prefer to think of it that way. If your body is acidic, then your body will use the minerals/buffers and dump the acid through the urine. It’s not true that urine is always slightly acidic at all. Yours may be because you probably eat like crap which is obvious since your brain does not work. You are gibberish.

  4. You’re the twit. I never said baking soda would magically cure anything. It will buffer acids though and that can be good for people who are in a state of acidosis. I don’t think baking soda is a long term solution to anything. We need to raise the pH of our body through eating a variety of highly alkaline foods like leafy greens, herbs, melons, etc. Baking soda can offer assistance when in a dire state of acidity but a change in diet is needed for the long run.

  5. g0twav is a moron who wastes his time and his brain playing video games all day to the point of uploading them to YouTube as if they actually have value to watch them. This guy is the typical ignorant douche that thinks he’s smart. He’s a waste of oxygen. Now get back to your video games and leave the intelligent thinking to people who actually do things other than make videos about game – worthless.

  6. Aw you care about me so much to browse my channel and make baseless assumptions. Good on you fuckwad. Now go purify your urine with a double dose of chlorine bleach to kill any pathogens in you namely yourself.

  7. Do you know what adjectives are ? No? Slightly means near as in close. So when I said slightly acidic I meant near 7-7.3 as in 6.9 or so.

  8. alkaline water will bring your body PH up and that`s very healthy but it will do shit for your uric acid levels (and that`s tested on me). people with high uric acid are slow to medium oxidizers. you need to remove all seawater food from the diet eat about 0,75 grams of protein per lean body mass (maximum) , eat yogurt and kefire and keep your diet at an aproximatelly 30% proteins (maximum depending on your urci acid level) 40% carbs and 30% fats(olive oil,coconut oil,fish oil)

  9. NO alkaline WILL NOT bring your body (blood) pH up. Idiots. You body is full of highly complicated bio chemical processes that require slightly different acid/base envoronments.
    But overa yo blood is slightly basic. That is it. Try as hard as hard as you want to change it.
    If you manage suceed in raising pH very high then call me when you awaken from the dead.
    And alakine waer wont do the trick no matter how muc of ot you drink. You stomach will neutralize the water immediately.

  10. And your respiration KEEPS your blood pH exactly whre it needs to be. You are not likely to change it unless you want to shoot up NaOH solution. See how that works out for you.

  11. Thank you for this presentation. so do I understand that tap water is actually more alkaline and therefore better for me? I suffer from arthritic gout flare ups on my right foot.

  12. in my experience, allopurinol works for my gout. not 100% but it definitely makes the attacks shorter and less frequent, and less intense. i also have to make sure i’m hydrated, and eat less protein. no meat if possible.

  13. 1) the body has natural ocurring chemicals called BUFFERS which neutralize the acids and bases you eat/drink. its how vinegar could potentially kill you with how much of a strong acid it is (needs neutralising). secondly, gout is painful from uric acid SALTS which means you dont want to neutralise it. adding an alkali to an acid makes SALT and H2O. potentially making it worse for yourself…. the only way to avoid Gout is to avoid foods rich in uric acid… or get allopurinol for hyperuricaemia.

  14. Firstly you are a mis-informed idiot.

    Distilled water and RO water is NOT the same, neither are they PURE.
    Distilled water Can and Does reabsorb chlorine which converts to gas and is then re-captured by the steam back into the water.
    Distilled water SUCKS minerals OUT of your body which is kind of pointless and unhealthy.

    RO (reverse osmosis) water – the TFC membrane removes approx 98% of stuff from the water when new and decreases over age, the CELULOSE membrane starts around 90% removal

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  17. pure (distilled) water is an approx 1% mix of hydroxide (OH) which is completely basic (ph of 14) and hydronium (H30) which is completely acidic (ph of 0 to -1). The process is called the self ionization property of water.
    With tap water (bottled is irrelevant); because of minerals in the source, it’s almost completely neutral.

  18. actually, a buffer maintains the original ph level. For example, in a sol’n that normally highly acidic, (using sulfuric acid) if the intent is to maintain the original ph of 1 to 0, then vinegar is added to keep the sol’n from neutralizing.

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  20. With Gout Home Remedies You Will Discover how to end your gout suffering in as little as three hours. Plus how to cure gout by reversing the uric acid accumulations process by knowing which foods are high in Purines and which foods reduce uric acid in the body, Like cherry’s are an excellent choice for reducing uric acid in the body.

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