Harvey’s Story about his Alternative Cancer Treatment in Tijuana, Mexico

5 years ago Harvey was diagnosed with brain cancer, and his doctors told him that he only had a year and a half to live. After having a portion of the brain …

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15 thoughts on “Harvey’s Story about his Alternative Cancer Treatment in Tijuana, Mexico

  1. I know others that have gone to this hospital and are living well. Glad you
    tried it out and have testimonials for others to see.

  2. chemo only prolongs your life it doesn’t get rid of the cancer in fact it
    makes your body have to fight off more free radicals eventually cancer
    cells. My brother is doing a natural protocol now and it’s working. Twice
    before he followed mainstream medicine and of course the cancer returned.
    Please read about the natural treatments. Ty Bollinger has a great
    book…great place to start. PS aspertame (in all sugar free garbage has
    been shown to cause brain cancer)

  3. Cancer, and any degenerative disease, is merely a deficiency or toxicity
    within the body. The Gerson Therapy addresses this and brings your body
    back into balance which in turn reverses your condition. The pharmaceutical
    industry does not want the public to know this. Why? Because they can’t
    profit from it. We are being lied to and poisoned by our doctors and Big
    Pharma. Follow the money trail. Spread the word about Gerson… you may be
    saving a life.

  4. @bubblewrapbump Have you ever thought that maybe politicians are in league
    with pharmaceutical companies? They say the Pharmaceutical industry has one
    of the most powerful political lobbying in the world, in addition they make
    enough money off these drugs to pay some nice dividends to those that play

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