Gout Pain Relief Acupressure Points

Gout Pain Relief Acupressure Points shows step by step how to relieve pain in the big toe using five acupressure points. The most important acupressure point…

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6 thoughts on “Gout Pain Relief Acupressure Points

  1. Good video, as usual. My question is, do you use those same foot pressure points for gout which shows up in other places, like a finger?

  2. This clip is for gout in the large toe. There are other points for gout in other parts of the body. If its in the index finger or thumb, I’d use the famous HoKu (LI 4) point.

  3. Yes, because all these points are trigger points. This point on the foot (Lv 3) balances the energy which goes to the liver. In addition, if there’s pain in the finger, press local points on the hand to open the blockage there.

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