Drainage of Gout Lesion in Foot Procedure

http://www.neufoot.com Dr. Jason Knox of Neuhaus Foot & Ankle, drains a gout lesion from a patient’s foot in the office. Gout is a build-up of uric acid in t…

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25 thoughts on “Drainage of Gout Lesion in Foot Procedure

  1. Doctors, thanks´╗┐ for the teaching you folks offer here. I’m a retired disabled RN//Paramedic, but I still love to study and learn, and lots of these video’s offer good opportunities for learning. Most gratefully & respectfully,

  2. How in the hell could´╗┐ you let that last for a year without seeking help? I don’t get how people won’t get themselves treated.

  3. You know you might have a problem when videos like this show up on your reccomended list. Anyways, good video´╗┐ doc ­čśÇ

  4. My husband has Gout…he takes Indocine when needed…but it has never been this bad. wow! But I love watching surgeries,..:)´╗┐

  5. definitely a good video to watch to keep my drinking down to an absolute minimum. I was diagonsed´╗┐ with gout about a year and a half ago. Flare ups were so bad at times, I couldn’t walk for about 3 days. definitely not fun.

  6. I have had gout on and off for about 10 years. I changed my diest , lost weight , and started taking natural suppliments. Hasnt´╗┐ bothered me in two years.

  7. My Dad told me that when he was a kid (he was born in ’40), the gout was considered a rich man’s disease. The old Italians got it from eating raw sausages & beef braised on the outside but raw inside. In those days being fat & eating lots of meat/ was considered´╗┐ a sign of wealth. Not many could afford to get fat on meat & Chianti. Their ankles swelled up like balloons.

  8. As a gout sufferer, I watched this video and my first thought was “oh. my. god. i bet that´╗┐ felt WONDERFUL.” gross to see, but i’m sure she felt a ton better.

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