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Eat to Treat Gout

Are you eating a gout-friendly diet? Gout is no laughing matter. Not only are gout attacks painful, but having a high uric acid level and being prone to gout is linked with other health problems as well. That’s why a diet is important even if you take medications for gout. As physicians, we’ve seen a number of patients with gout and have seen gout sufferers reduce the number of gout attacks they have and improve their overall health by changing their diet. This 40-page,easy-to-read ebook will help you take control of gout and your health by changing how you eat.Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

Why not all purines are bad. Hint-the source of the purines matters.
A vitamin you might need more of if you’re prone towards gout.
Why diet is important even if you take gout medications.
Should you drink coffee? What about milk?
Factors that can trigger a gout attack other than diet.
A tasty fruit that’s a strong ally in your fight against gout.
List of foods to eat and those to avoid.
And more.

Get a handle on your gout, the natural way, through diet.

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